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The syllabus released by CBSE is completely based on NCERT. There is a myth among students that NCERT Books are not sufficient for their exam preparation. Hence, they look for other reading sources for their exam prep. In reality, however, NCERT Books are sufficient to prepare for examinations.

Here are some tips on how to make best use of NCERT Books:

Important Paragraphs and Lines: The 1 mark questions in the exams are meant to test the basic conceptual clarity of the students. Hence, it is important to read the important lines given in every chapter that will help solve the complex 1 mark questions in the exams. Students should frame important questions from important lines in every paragraph and revise them during the examination prep.

Exercise Questions: The exercises given at the end of every chapter are meant to make the student practise the concepts involved in the chapter. These exercises, if practised adequately, ensure the desired results in the exam.

Diagrams: Diagrams help a student grasp the concepts more easily and quickly. There are numerous process based questions in exams. Students should present the answers to these questions with the help of Flow Diagrams. These diagrams help a student fetch good marks.

Examples: There are numerous examples given in NCERT textbooks. These examples are meant to increase the conceptual clarity of the student. Hence, it is important to give proper attention to these examples.

Theory in Math Textbook: Since Math is deemed to be a practical subject, students tend to ignore the theoretical part given in their Math NCERT textbook. 2016 CBSE Math Board Exam for Class XII saw students struggling with their paper, because many questions were from the theory portion given in the textbook.

Preparation from NCERT Books should be followed by writing down important points from every chapter that could be easily revised during exams. This practice not only gets good marks but also helps a student understand the topics and concepts well.

At TCYonline, a student gets to practice different 1 mark questions. A student also gets FREE NCERT solutions to the Exercise Questions given in the textbook

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  1. Neha

    NCERT books are considered as base book for all students of class K-12. These books covers important topic for all kind of competitive exams in India. In my opinion, the best use of NCERT books is practicing queries as much as a student can. Practicing helps students in build deep understanding of concepts.