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The Central Board of Secondary Education has revised the assessment pattern for class 9 and class 10. According to latest circular, all the students of class 9 and 10 have to be present for both Summative Assessments (SA 1 and SA 2) and also need to pass the exams with certain percentage. If any of the students is not able to sit for SA 1 due to illness, then the school will have to allow another attempt till 31st October.

As per the rules, students of class 9 and 10 appear for four formative assessments (FA) and two summative assessments (SA). Conducting of formative assessments is responsibility of school but the question papers for two SA exams are sent by board. Schools have responsibility to check papers of class 9 and board check the papers of class 10 students.

According to new circular, there are changes in passing norms as well which says, Students will have to obtain a minimum of 25% in both the exams to clear the year which leads to confirm that student will have to score atleast 15 marks out of 60 and a total of 33% in each of five subjects to qualify the exam. But why fear! With online study resources such as those available on TCYonline.com , you can finish your preparation for your Summative Assessments in a flash. Also you can generate your own customised test to check your readiness for summative assessment with TCYonline.com

The students who participate in sports and not able to sit in exam because of their sports activity at National or International Level can be granted an exemption from appearing in any one of summative assessments, provided that student seeks permission in advance.

These rules will be effective for class 9 students from the 2013-14 academic year while for class 10 students, the rules will be effective from 2014-15.

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