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Forceful way to solve the Force Problems: The Free Body Diagram Approach

What do you do when you realize that a Force problem has popped up in your test? Try this problem and we will discuss what to do.

Problem:  In a two-dimension tug-of-war, three person Mr. A, Mr. B & Mr. C pull horizontally on an automobile tire at the angles shown in the over head view of figure(a) below. The tire remains stationary in spite of the three pulls. Mr. A pulls with a force Fa of magnitude 220N, and Mr. C pull with a force Fc of magnitude 170 N. The direction of Fc is not given. What is the magnitude of Mr. B’s force Fb ?

Force problems in NTSE

This is an ideal question where I can give a lot of insight into, how to read a problem, break it down and analyze it.

What’s your first step? Let’s use this problem as an opportunity to practice the Process.

Forceful problems

Reading Force Problems

Read the problem statement several times until you have a good mental picture of what the situation is, what data is given, and what is required. If you know what the problem is about but don’t know what to do next, put the problem side and reread the text. If you are hazy about Newton’s Second Law, reread that section. Study the sample problems. And remember, solving physics problems (like repairing cars and designing computer chips) takes training- you were not born with the ability.


National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) 2012 Exam Date

Announcement for National Talent Search Examination 2012

NCERT has announced the National Talent Search Examination 2012. The purpose of the scheme was to identify talented students and nurture their talent. Talent refers to the potentiality that manifests itself in a high level of performance in one or more specialized areas. The scheme, therefore, covers areas like Sciences, Social Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Management and Law. It honours and helps talented students by providing financial assistance in the form of a monthly scholarship. For the courses in Basic Sciences, Social Sciences and Commerce, this assistance is provided up to Ph.D. level. For professional courses like Engineering, Medicine, Management and Law this assistance is given only up to Post Graduation.

The NCERT conducts the National Talent Search Examination for students studying in Class VIII only.

Scholarships: On the basis of the examination conducted, 1000 scholarships will be awarded for each group of students appearing for Class VIII examinations. The amount of scholarship will be Rs.500/- per month as per NTS rules.


NTSE Preparation

TIPS for preparation

  • Be thorough with Class VIII Maths, Science and Social Sciences , the entire portion.

  • Have a revision of Class VII Maths and science Syllabus

  • Have a good study  of Class IX Maths and Science Syllabus

  • Do a lot of practice so as to save time in the exam hall

  • Refer books published for NTSE purpose by good authors and practice a lot for Mental Aptitude Test.

  • Understand the concept behind the question figure and try to find the answer figure.

  • Don't attempt the questions you are not very confident about, in order to avoid losing marks in negative marking.

  • Be well prepared and confident.


Unique medical experiment at ‘STEPS’

Maintaining its rich tradition of excellence in providing ‘quality and innovative’ education to its students, Ludhiana’s Top Careers & You (TCY), through its program for schools called ‘STEPS’, has brought in some innovative changes at its Sarabha Nagar centre.

Yesterday, during a Science class, ‘STEPS’ Class X students had an opportunity to get a hands on learning experience related to the anatomy of heart.

Interestingly, a preserved sheep heart was dissected in the classroom to educate the students about various internal structures of a human heart. This is the first time that such an initiative was taken by any educational institution in Ludhiana.

The demonstration was given by Mr. Ajay Walia, ‘STEPS’ Instructor, Life Sciences.

“Since a sheep’s heart is very similar to a human heart in its structure and function, we decided to conduct a dissection on it so that the students can understand internal structures of heart and relate them to their functions,” said Viji Raj, Center Head, STEPS, Sarabha Nagar Center, explaining the basic idea behind the whole concept.


‘STEPS’ free Science Workshop for Class X

LUDHIANA, July 25 – ‘STEPS’, the schools’ division of city’s Top Careers & You (TCY), is organizing a two-day free Science workshop for Class X students on Saturday and Sunday (July 26 & 27).

This annual exercise would focus on the chapter on ‘Electricity’, which remains one of the ‘pain points’ of class X Science students.

The workshop, to be held from 4-6 p.m. each day, will be free for all Class X students who have scored over 80 per cent marks in Science. For others there will be a nominal fee of Rs. 300.

“Thanks to lot many misconceptions generated over the years on the vital chapter of Electricity, most of the students remain a confused lot. I think misleading text-books are mainly responsible for this mess-up,” said Mr. Viji Raj, Project Manager, ‘STEPS’ Sarabha Nagar centre. Even some portions of the NCERT textbook may ‘mislead’ the students.

It is believed that this workshop will give the students a crystal clear idea of the concepts involved while dealing with the topic on Electricity. The four-hour workshop, split into two days, will comprise an exhaustive lectures interspersed with multi-media demonstrations and practicals.