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Adaptive Grammar for Exam Preparation

A marsupial that eats, shoots and leaves is how a student once described a Koala bear in his science test. The teacher had a hearty laugh but the student lost his marks. A comma placed wrong had changed the whole meaning. This bear ate, shot (with a camera or a gun) and left. The correct description should have been: A marsupial that eats shoots and leaves.

The correct syntax of a sentence will communicate better but a mistake will make it worse. For students who want to study abroad or sit in competitive exams, such descriptions can make or break their results.

TCYonline.com has launched an adaptive program to address this requirement. The Adaptive Grammar Program has a uniquely specialized content with four levels of learning. It is an interactive, fun way of learning and evaluating oneself.

The Adaptive Grammar Program by TCYonline.com offers a one of a kind concept-based and adaptive learning. A user can take a diagnostic test to evaluate oneself. This evaluation can act as a guideline to decide the learning level the user requires. All the levels are structured to increase the user’s conceptual as well as usage skills. To this end, there are interactive games and exercises to practice before taking the final evaluation test.

This is a sure-fire course from TCYonline.com to help compete and succeed both academically and professionally.



In the first part of my article, I had introduced you to the importance of having a Neutral Accent, and where we stand as of now.

In this article, I shall cover the common issues with Indians and the steps to be taken to come to a Neutral Accent.

I will list down the common problems with Indian speakers in general:

Indian speakers of English are known to speak much faster than people in the West. This means that in many cases Indian speakers of English will make business communication difficult. We need to ensure that we understand and are understood.

Indians do not speak with their mouth fully open. As a result, the speech muscles get tight over a period of time, and the pronunciation gets severely affected. In other words we are not able to articulate properly.




The first reaction of all professionals whenever I used to mention the importance of Accent Neutralization was one of sarcasm and smirk.

When I interacted with these professionals at length, I found one point in common. They were technically very sound in their function. Moreover they were proven performers. But somewhere down the line, the growth stopped. They probably never realized this or probably did not sit down and introspect where they should have been and where they are right now.

As we are all aware, the English Language has become the lingua franca linking businesses across the globe. So it becomes all the more imperative to be fluent in our speech. Fluency is a combination of many factors put together.



Communication skills play an important role everywhere. Our ability to communicate effectively determines whether people around us will listen or just pose to listen. Listening, which seems to be an easy activity, is taken for granted by most. It’s not that we do in intentionally. We ‘think’ we are listening. Only when we fail to respond appropriately or miss something important we realize that we had not been listening. We should listen to others as much as we would like to be listened. Wherever we are and with whomsoever we communicate listening needs to be taken more seriously and sincerely. 'Listen' is to 'give one’s attention to a sound'. In the language context, it means paying attention to speech sounds - that is ‘speaking’. We gain a lot by being good listeners. We not only learn and earn but also convey that we care and share.

Let’s check whether we have been good listeners today. Please ask yourself the following questions and answer them honestly!

Did I listen to my family members today?

Did they find fault with me for not having responded as they expected? (because of poor listening skill)



A speech is essentially divided into three parts:


The introduction is the most critical aspect of public speaking. It has been scientifically proved that if the speaker is not able to hold the attention of his audience within the first few seconds, it becomes very difficult to catch the listener’s attention later on during the course of your speech. Therefore it becomes compulsory for the speaker to create some element of surprise or suspense before he comes to the topic on which he is going to speak. This will make the audience guess on which topic the speaker is going to speak and their mind will start thinking. When the introduction is excellent, the audience will anticipate that the entire speech will be interesting and therefore pay full attention to whatever is being said.

Some of the methods which could be used by the speaker to hold the attention of his audience before he introduces the topic could be:

Narrating a story

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