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Logical Reasoning is the most popular topic among the CAT takers as it has been a guardian angel for them in prior CAT exams. It is now a part of the distinct section and has been moved to a totally new section, data interpretation, and logical reasoning, with its weight age of 50%. “Logical Reasoning” section consists of different types of puzzles which help accesses the test takers on the approach they follow to solve the problem. Therefore, this section tests this set of managerial skills of the test takers. This is a scoring section, as usually if you solve any one question, you have solved the complete block. The section consists of various types of Logical Reasoning questions. Preparation for this section requires loads of practice and you need to get accustomed to solving puzzles. Development of a specific strategy to solve the different type of questions is plus point for this part. This section is pathway to ace the CAT exam.

Apply following pointers to hone your Logical Reasoning and you’ll be en route to ace it in CAT:

Spend More Time on Reading the Question: Some people tend to solve the Logical Reasoning block instantly. But the right way is to first read the passage and aggregate all the data given. Analyze the problem and then only try to solve it.

Assess and Organize the given Data: The data assembled from the passage, needs to be arranged properly so that sense can be made out of it. Make use of tables, diagrams and symbols to arrange data as per your understanding. This helps in clearly identify the given data and how to move ahead. This will help you to answer the complete problem with minimum amount of effort.

Don’t make Assumptions: The information required to solve the logical reasoning block is mentioned in the passage. So do not assume anything new and work within the given parameters.

Eliminate the Options: Before you start solving the questions, take a look at the options. Try and eliminate the choices to solve the questions. This will help you to reduce the time taken to solve the problem. Try checking the answer again, till the time you are sure out it.

Practice Variety of Problems: There can be a varied range of problems which can occur in logical reasoning section. Therefore try and solve a variety of problems, so that you face lesser difficulty in choosing the blocks that you need to answer and that you need to leave.

 Keep the above tips handy and cruise through this section.

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