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Written By Parthip Thyagarajan
The formula for success in job interviews is not written in stone, especially when it comes to tricky questions. For instance if you are being interviewed for a sales position, a potential employer may ask you, "What would you do if a clients hinted at kickbacks?"

How would you respond? Will you appear shocked or deliver your answer with poise? Here are some suggestions on how to answer 10 such questions. Being prepared will give an edge, and not to mention, boost your confidence.

Tell us about a difficult relationship in your personal life you have had to cope with?
Don't go into too many details about what happened, when and where. Don't condemn the other person or defend yourself. Talk about what you learned from the experience.

Your boss-to-be is short-tempered, impatient and abrasive. Can you work with someone of such a temperament?

Working with a short-tempered and very abrasive boss is not easy. Stating that you can effectively work under each and every person in any and every situation will make you seem over-confident and unrealistic. Do you get upset if you're shouted or screamed at? Does it leave you de-motivated or disillusioned for long? If your answer to the latter question is in the negative, let the panel know that unpleasant experiences don't weigh you down for too long.

Source: https://getahead.rediff.com

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