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Direct and Inverse Proportions - II

Description :Direct and inverse proportion (II)
Total Questions :30
Total Time :30 mins
Test Code for Mobile App 80183
Keywords :Direct and inverse proportion (II), Applications Based on Direct Proportion, Probability, Properties of Determinant, Applications Based on Indirect Proportion, Matrices & Determinants, Matrices and Determinants, Elementary Operation , Types of Matrices/Order of Matrices, Mathematics, Direct and Inverse Proportions
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Exercise 4.2

by TCY
11 Qs. in 11 mins

Exercise 4.3

by TCY
15 Qs. in 15 mins

Exercise 4.4

by TCY
8 Qs. in 8 mins

Exercise 2.1

by TCY
9 Qs. in 9 mins
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