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Description :Test papers and notes for each chapter of Chemistry for Class XI, Class XII, Medical Entrance, NDA,Entrance, Engineering Chemistry, PMT, AIEEE, IIT
Total Questions :25
Total Time :30 mins
Keywords :Chemistry, Class XI Chemistry, Class XII Chemistry, Medical Entrance, NDA, MCA Entrance, Engineering Chemistry, PMT, AIEEE, IIT, Periodic Trends in Properties, Periodic Trends in Chemical Properties of Elements, Periodic Trends in Properties, Group 15 Elements, Group 15 Elements, Group 15 Elements, Transition Elements, Important Compounds of Transition Elements, Transition Elements, Lanthanides, f-Block Elements (Lanthanoids and Actinoids), Lanthanides
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Laws of Motion - 4

by TCY
20 Qs. in 30 mins

Gravitation - 4

by TCY
15 Qs. in 30 mins

Structure of Atom - 5

by TCY
15 Qs. in 30 mins

Progressions - 5

by TCY
15 Qs. in 30 mins
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