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Mixed Practice Test (BITSAT) - 4

Description :BITSAT Full Length Tests Papers BITSAT Chemistry Tests, BITSAT Maths Tests, MCA Entrance Papers, BITSAT Mock Test, BITSAT Test for admission in BITS
Total Questions :150
Total Time :180 mins
Keywords :BITS, BITSAT, BITSAT Full Length Test, BITSAT Chemistry, BITSAT Maths, BITSAT, Engineering Entrance Papers, Engineering Entrance Question Papers, BITSAT Model Paper, BITSAT Math Paper, AIEEE Entrance Paper, IIT JEE Previous Papers, Interference of Light Waves and Young`s Experiment, Interference, Electrical Potential, Electrostatic Potential, Lens Formula, Thin Lens Formula, Circular Motion (Uniform and Non-Uniform), Circular Motion, Electromagnetic Induction, Electromagnetic Induction
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