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Computer Fundamentals

For getting admission in MCA it is not necessary that you should be an expert in computers but you should have basic knowledge of computer Computer Fundamental is one of  an important part of following exams:-
  1. Panjab University Chandigarh (15 Questions)
  2. Kurushetra University(20 Questions)
  3. R.E.C  Trichy
  4. J N U Delhi etc.
  5. For a computer engineer or computer expert there is an option for them , they can opt for computer application or Mathematics as their one of the paper in Punjabi University Patiala.
  6. GNDU Amritsar Entrance Exams has Computer Applications as its compulsory paper.
You should be aware of following computer concepts:-
  1. Basic Computers (History , input – output devices, Storage devices etc)
  2. Number System (Binary, Octal , Hexadecimal, Decimal )
  3. Algorithm & Flowchart.
  4. Binary operations
  5. Truth tables (gates)
  6. Programming Concepts (Fortran , C)
  7. General awareness related to computer
Syllabus for Computer section in GNDU, Amritsar , Punjabi University, Patiala 
  1. DBMS
  2. Data Structures
  3. Operating System
  4. Computer Applications
  5. Programming in C, C+
  6. Numerical Methods
  7. Computer Graphic etc
Magazines you should read:-
  1. Computer Today
  2. Computer Express
  3. PC Quest
  4. Chip
Books Referred:
  1. Computer Fundamental – P.K.Sinha
  2. Computer Fundamental – V. Rangarajan
  3. Let’s C – Yashwant  Kanetakar
  4. Schaum Series – (Data Structure , or C++)