Tests given
Law Quiz
  1. A wife wants a divorce from her husband, alleging that his snoring has affected her health badly. Can she succeed?
  2. A 17 years boy purchases a shirt from a shop on credit, and later, refuses to pay the money. Can the shopkeeper recover the money?
  3. Ravi mixes poison in the milk to kill his friend Sameer and keeps it on his table. Before Sameer could consume milk, the milk is spilled by a cat. Has Ravi committed any offence?
  4. In Chandigarh, a new born baby is found abandoned by a Christian, who brings him up as per the practices of Christianity. What is the religion of the baby?
  5. Atul gives a cow for safe custody to Rajesh, as Atul is going out for a few months. The cow later delivers a calf. Rajesh returns the cow to Atul , but refuses to give the calf, saying it belongs to him. Is he right?
  6. A 35 years old Hindu man marries a Hindu girl of 17 years. Is this marriage valid?
  7. A 40 year old man adopts a girl of 24 years as his daughter. Is the adoption legally valid?
  8. A Hindu couple, having a son, and medically unfit to bear any more children, adopts a boy of 2 years. Is the adoption legally valid?
  9. What is the only act for which there is no punishment if you succeed, but you can be jailed if you fail?
  10. Suresh threatens Vikas, with a knife, to hand over money to him. Vikas takes out a pistol. Suresh runs away out of fear. Vikas fires at Suresh, injuring him. Has Vikas committed any offence?
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