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Q. What is online live one-on-one tutoring?

It is tutoring students through the Internet. Students and tutors are logged in at their respective computers and tutoring is done through whiteboard technology. Students and tutors can text chat with each other and also talk to each other through VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).

Q. Will it work on dial-up?

Yes, it will work on dial-up as well. However, broadband is recommended.

Q. What are the benefits of online tutoring versus in-home tutoring?

There are many advantages over in-home tutoring. Among the top benefits:

1. Security and convenience of learning at home.
2. Schedule flexibility.
3. Qualified teachers with training from a 10-year-old tutoring company.
4. Affordable.

Q. What are the benefits of online tutoring from STEPS vis-�-vis others?

There are many benefits:

  • We believe that the tutoring needs of every child are unique. No two kids can be taught at the same pace. Therefore, we follow our highly innovative five-step approach to tutoring.
  • We offer individualized and personalized tutoring for each student.
  • Our one-on-one live online tutoring sessions are very effective; getting 100% of a tutor's attention makes learning more focused and enjoyable.
  • Our tutors are well qualified and are available all year, around the clock.
  • You are offered the flexibility to schedule your tutoring sessions as you need.
  • Our tutoring programs are very cost effective.

Q. What subjects do you tutor?

We specialize in math tutoring for K-12 and math preparation for the SAT and GRE.

Q. Is the content in line with state standards?

Yes, a lot of research has gone into it, and we are constantly updating our systems accordingly. The tutors are given the required training for aligning their teaching to the state standards.

Q. Do you have the same tutor for the same student?

Almost 85% of the time, the same tutor stays with each student. Changes are only made due to unfavorable circumstances.

Q. Will tutors help to complete homework?

Yes, we have different tutors for different grades who have the experience to handle any kind of homework problem.

Q. Will tutors be available immediately?

Yes, tutors are available immediately. As soon as a student logs in, he or she will be connected to a live tutor simply by clicking a link.

Q. What are the qualifications of your tutors?

Our tutors hold a graduate or master�s degree in education, science, or engineering

Q. How many hours in a week a student is tutored?

Normally, students opt for three hours of tutoring per week. Otherwise, it depends on the individual's need.

Q. What is the cost per session?

Please click here for the latest information on available tutoring packages.

Q. Do you tutor on weekends as well?

Yes, we tutor all year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Schedule a tutoring session that is convenient for you.

Q. What are the system requirements?

Operating System: Windows PC, Mac, or Linux
Web Browser: IE 5.5, Mozilla 1.0, Netscape 6, Opera, or higher
Flash Player 6 or higher
Microphone (for audio)
Pen Mouse (optional)

Q. May I have references from some of your past students?

Testimonials are available on the website, but the contact information is confidential. However, we believe every child's tutoring needs are unique. Check it out for yourself with a no-obligation, free tutoring session.

Q. Do your tutors undergo a security check?

Yes, our tutors have to pass a background check before tutoring.

Q. How will I make my payment?

You can make your payment by credit card, debit card, or through a Paypal account through our secured website. Click here to get started.

Q. What if we pay for long term but decide against it later? Will you provide a refund for the unused sessions?

If you're apprehensive, we suggest choosing the minimum available package and extending only when you are entirely satisfied.

Q. What improvements do you guarantee?

Historically, all our students have improved substantially. Our students show remarkable improvement in their grades and feel much more confident after just a few hours of tutoring. Regular tutoring takes the child to the next level of achievement.

Q. How will you update the parents about any concern or vice versa?

Every child is assigned an academic counselor. The counselor stays with the child throughout the entire course of tutoring and updates the parents with the child�s performance and discusses his or her concerns. Moreover, the student provides written feedback on every tutoring session.

Q. My child actively participates in sports. How will the sessions be adjusted?

That's the beauty of online tutoring. We offer full flexibility in scheduling. Your child may take the sessions when convenient for him or her, but we need to know in advance the day and time of choice.

Q. I have three children. Do you have a family package?

Yes, we have family packs available for our monthly tutoring programs. Please contact us for information on available family packs.

Q. Can they take tutoring sessions at the same time on the same PC?

They may, but the point of taking additional one-on-one lessons would be lost. It would lower the quality of tutoring. The optimal package to select would be a family pack with different sessions for each child.