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Prepare for TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) with us and maximize your score. You will find numerous Sectional Tests that assist in TOEFL preparation. The TOEFL practice tests cater to all skill areas; namely Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing. You can supplement your learning with Video Lessons available on all topics.


Post and discuss tips and tricks for building assertive and convincing arguments

Posted 9 hours ago

Friends should must be there in our life in order to enjoy the life. Everyone chooses there friend according to their taste , it can be similar to themselves or different from them. I would like to prefer to choose the friend who is different from my self. There are a lot of advantages by choosing different friend as we get many opportunities to perform various task which we havenít attempted before. With my opinion it forms good and strong bond between two different friends. There are advantages in both side , the friend similar to us will perform same task easily without any worry. While friend who is different from ourself will perform same task with some curosity because he havenít performed it earlier. For ex. One is found off playing computer games and other is found off roaming to new places. In this case both will having an interest to company there friend which will give a new experience to both. All are having there own taste regarding some things like in eating food and source of entertainment. The friend with similiarties will never get chance to do new things because their belief is that what they are eating or playing or watching is best according to them. But the friend who is different from ourself will encourage us to perform new task , going to the new places , eating different things from different places. By helping each other in new tasks the friendship bonds become more stronger. Friends with similarties will perform have their own advantages while friends who are different from us are having there own advantages. According to my preference friend who is different from us are having more advantages because we are able to do a lot of things which we havenít attempted earlier. So friend having with different similarties proves more enjoyable.

INTEGRATED WRITING - In 1980's during the dawn of cinema, audiences were fascinated by everyday actions caught on film. During that period the french filmmaker Georges Melies who is a professional magician and theater operator decided to do something new in his magic art. At that time he develops many techniques such as fade-out, overlap dissolve, stop action, superimposition, double exposure, fast ans slow motion, animation. He transformed the cinema into a storytelling medium. Once he was filming a reversing up of truck suddenly his camera jammed and afterwards when he go through the film he noticed that the truck is going in a hole, than he accidentally discover a technique named Stop Action. The another technique which he discover is Animation. A Trip to the Moon is one of his animated film in which he showed that a space shuttle is travelling towards the moon, as it is going nearer to the moon the size of moon is getting larger and larger. the moon with the smiling face and having 2 eyes and space shuttle landed on one of the eye. Films are mostly told in a scenes, which shows for 1 minute. Melies transformed the cinema into a storytelling medium. He puts many scenes together in which one scene is followed by another one to make longer films, this technique is know as Overlap Dissolve.

Posted 21 days ago

Some people use to live at same place while others use to move throughout their lives. My idea is that one should move to different places as per requirments. Everything changes throughout our life then why the house can not be changed. By moving to different place we will be able to enjoy different place , food, and environment. To get better job or increments in there salary one has to shift from his current location. While changing our place we can likely get different observations. By seeing positive side we can get chance to enjoy the different place along with our job. The new place where we moved can be better from previous location. The climate , food and our surroundings get change. This prove beneficial to the people. By doing there job they are unable to roam to different places. One only changes it place when he/she gets better facilities.The standard of living increases. We get chance to meet the new people , make some new friends. The new things came to our life while moving to different places. The more we move more we come to know about different places, persons and there living styles. The goverenment changes by place to place, new rules and regulations come to know which has to be followed by the person. So our lifestyles get change.One can change according to the surroundings along with the availability of resources. While moving to different places can lead to ipmrovement in person. As in past it is difficult to but now with the advancement of technology now to migrate, it becomes easy. One should move to different place throughout there lives to enjoy the different climate and surroundings. As while performing jobs it is difficult to roam to different places.

Share and discuss some interesting independent reading tasks and also some tricks and strategies to enhance your speaking skills

Sandeep Kaur
Posted 10 months ago

Using the points and examples from the lecture, explain two drawbacks of Safe Drinking Water Act of United States.

Preparation time: 30 sec

Response time: 60 sec

Share and discuss tips to crack dense reading comprehension passages

Rishik Mani
Posted 11 months ago

Why do the educated girls accept the first proposal that comes their way? (Para 4)

This thread is dedicated to preparation for Listening section of TOEFL

Posted 2 years ago

Directions: Placed below are certain species of flora and fauna which would benefit or suffer from human extinction. Put three species under each category out of the species listed below. Two of the options will not be used. Please type your answer as: Would benefit: ______; Would suffer: ________.

Would benefit Would suffer

This thread is dedicated to discuss general TOEFL queries

Posted 2 years ago

"You missed a good chance in your career."

"Yes, I _____ that job when Mr. Johnson offered."

This thread is intended to discuss important terms and terminologies associated with Business language.

Posted 3 years ago

What are the two sites for improving reading section in toefl? grudge report in think.. what are other onces ?

This thread is dedicated to preparation for Grammar section of TOEFL

Abhishek Gunturu
Posted 4 years ago

Our friends will _____ for two nights.