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Prepare for TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) with us and maximize your score. You will find numerous Sectional Tests that assist in TOEFL preparation. The TOEFL practice tests cater to all skill areas; namely Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing. You can supplement your learning with Video Lessons available on all topics.


Post and discuss tips and tricks for building assertive and convincing arguments

Saraswati Rana
Posted 7 hours ago

Everyone wishes to have a good supervisor and all have different views when the questions come up about the quality of a supervisor. Thoughts about qualities can come if one have good or bad experience with a supervisor. Same is the case with me i think there are lots of good qualities a supervisor should have like a good administrator, lively human, quick mind of thoughts, patience, hardworking, not being partial , and lots more can be added to it. Few important ones i m going to enumerate here that i think a good supervisor should have with my experience.rnrnFirst and the foremost quality is being a good admin. Boss is the link between the higher management and the workers. For this one should know how to handle situations and provide a good working ambience for the better output and progress. To support this I want to illustrate an example related to my own experience. My boss was the head of the department of prosthodontics ( branch of dentistry). He was not a good adminstrator . He always talk very rudely with the staff members and never take there problems to the upper mangement . Some staff members wont work by saying that there is lack of infrastructure in the department. Even if we get the material then also we were not provided with it. Therefore this effect was seen on the patients who were not treated well. This causes an impact on the end year collection target and brings down the credit of department in the college. Revenue department of the college also stop giving more material by saying ur input is more than ur output. Lastly it resulted in strike and changing of the supervisior.rnrnSecondly most important quality is punctuality. Boss is a good teacher. If the boss is punctual then only staff members can. Like for example say the office timings starts from 9 am , if the boss is coming late around 10 then every on will come late and start giving there wage excuses and even go off the work early. Hence boss will have no right to say to such persons. I have seen one of my boss i would say she was brilliant , she was always on time and for this reason we have to be there before her. If one gets late she use to scold in front of everyone and that was more embarrassing. This helps me to teach the importance of time and really helped me a lot in my future. Now whenever I interview or any meeting I Always reach before time and this gives a good impression to other person by showing i m really serious in my life .rnrn Third most important quality for me is being impartial. Boss should never be partial with any caste , creed, age, *** or religion. Finding the best person out of you is the significance of a good boss. One who is partial can never search what quality other person have in it.rnrnTo sum up all i would rather say qualities of a good boss depends on the experience one face with their own bosses. All these qualities would help to become a good boss in future and manage out things better.

INTEGRATED WRITING - In 1980's during the dawn of cinema, audiences were fascinated by everyday actions caught on film. During that period the french filmmaker Georges Melies who is a professional magician and theater operator decided to do something new in his magic art. At that time he develops many techniques such as fade-out, overlap dissolve, stop action, superimposition, double exposure, fast ans slow motion, animation. He transformed the cinema into a storytelling medium. Once he was filming a reversing up of truck suddenly his camera jammed and afterwards when he go through the film he noticed that the truck is going in a hole, than he accidentally discover a technique named Stop Action. The another technique which he discover is Animation. A Trip to the Moon is one of his animated film in which he showed that a space shuttle is travelling towards the moon, as it is going nearer to the moon the size of moon is getting larger and larger. the moon with the smiling face and having 2 eyes and space shuttle landed on one of the eye. Films are mostly told in a scenes, which shows for 1 minute. Melies transformed the cinema into a storytelling medium. He puts many scenes together in which one scene is followed by another one to make longer films, this technique is know as Overlap Dissolve.

Simran Gupta
Posted 7 hours ago

Learning is a long process and one learns from the his/her experiences. We get to learn a lot of things when we work whether it is from our juniors or our seniors. A very important role is played by a supervisor. He is the one we wish to be at a position of and works as an example for what we want to achieve in life. rnrnAn important quality of a supervisor is that he should be punctual. We can only point someone on their mistake when we are perfect. If we keep on repeating our mistakes people would start taking us for granted. If the supervisor is late how would he point his juniors who are late. For example – when I used to work my senior was a late comer , whenever I came late to work he never came to know about it. That is where the problem began , I started to take him for granted and one day when I was very late he caught me red handed. So as an important part, a supervisor should be very punctual. rnrnA supervisor should be well dressed as well. Your dressing sense works as a mirror for your personality. A supervisor should be dressed such as he should have a powerful impact on his work mates. If a supervisor is very lean and inactive he won’t have a strong impact on his team. rnrnAn important role played by a supervisor is of guiding his team . Supervise their work and look up to their flaws. Another important quality of a supervisor is his ability to team work. Working together with team leads to better time management and better work division. rnrnA very important quality of a supervisor is that he should be trust worthy. People share their ideas in team so that they can work upon it and represent it in this form of a plan. Example- when me and my team were together working on a project one of our team members betrayed us by presenting the whole idea as his own to the boss. The boss caught at once because of the daily updated I gave to boss. He not only lost his job but also the trust of his team mates.

Share and discuss some interesting independent reading tasks and also some tricks and strategies to enhance your speaking skills

Sandeep Kaur
Posted 9 months ago

Using the points and examples from the lecture, explain two drawbacks of Safe Drinking Water Act of United States.

Preparation time: 30 sec

Response time: 60 sec

Share and discuss tips to crack dense reading comprehension passages

Rishik Mani
Posted 9 months ago

Why do the educated girls accept the first proposal that comes their way? (Para 4)

This thread is dedicated to preparation for Listening section of TOEFL

Posted 1 year ago

Directions: Placed below are certain species of flora and fauna which would benefit or suffer from human extinction. Put three species under each category out of the species listed below. Two of the options will not be used. Please type your answer as: Would benefit: ______; Would suffer: ________.

Would benefit Would suffer

This thread is dedicated to discuss general TOEFL queries

Posted 2 years ago

"You missed a good chance in your career."

"Yes, I _____ that job when Mr. Johnson offered."

This thread is intended to discuss important terms and terminologies associated with Business language.

Posted 3 years ago

What are the two sites for improving reading section in toefl? grudge report in think.. what are other onces ?

This thread is dedicated to preparation for Grammar section of TOEFL

Abhishek Gunturu
Posted 4 years ago

Our friends will _____ for two nights.