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IELTS Writing Section

In this section, you are gauged for your writing skills. In assessing your performance in the writing test, the examiner considers your performance in following skill areas:
  • Legible Handwriting
  • Presentation and Organisation
  • Formation of grammatically correct sentences
  • Using vocabulary effectively
Time Allowed
This section lasts for 60 minutes. There are two tasks for each module
  • Academic (Essay & Graph)
  • General (Essay & Letter)
  • Read: Read the task carefully
  • Plan: After you understand what is required in the task, then plan what you are going to write. Reading and planning should take about five minutes in task 1 & task 2
  • Write: After you have planned your writing, begin to write. Do not copy the question. Make sure you answer the question asked only. Writing will take about ten minutes in Task 1 and 25 minutes in Task 2.
  • Check: After you have finished writing, it is important to go back & check your writing. Checking should take about 5 minutes in Task 1 & Task 2. Even if you have not finished Task 1 in recommended time, go on to Task 2.Remember that Task 2 is worth more marks than Task1.
  • Task 1: Different for Academic & General.
  • Academic : You are usually asked to describe and interpret in your own words a graph or a chart.
  • General : You are asked to write a letter describing a situation.
  • Task 2 : Same for Academic & General. (Topics are different)
You are asked to give an opinion or suggest a solution to a problem.
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